Fame is not always a passport to a happy life, even if it brings money, fans and all kind of opportunities. We are used to radiant celebrities who rarely face sorrows or tragedies. Drama is left for their movies and songs and fans think all superstars somehow hold the key to happiness. Yet, we should all admit celebrities are still humans with destinies that are not entirely ruled by money or Hollywood scripts. In the show business history there were many stars whose lives seemed a sad and tragic story without a happy ending.

1.) Maria Callas

The Greek opera singer was born in New York City on December 1923 and faced many difficulties throughout years, from poverty and myopia to a tragic love story that broke her heart. In 1957, Maria Callas meets for the first time Aristotel Onassis, a Greek shipping magnate, married at that time to Athina Mary Livanos. Callas herself was married to the Italian agent Giovanni Battista Meneghini. Despite all these, Maria Callas and Aristotel Onassis start a passionate affair that ultimately led to their divorce.

For a while, Onassis is excited about Callas’ impressive career. At the end of the ‘50s, Callas is no longer in the spotlight and she fails to admit her professional and personal problems. Onassis humiliates her when claiming he does not want to marry even though she states otherwise to the press. There are some rumors about a possible miscarriage and a suicide attempt. In 1968, Onassis defies Callas once more, when he marries Jackie Kennedy, the former wife of U.S. President John F. Kennedy. Still, Maria Callas remains faithful to the man she loved so many years. After his death, in 1975, she retires in Paris, where she dies two years later. Many have said she committed suicide, but as Placido Domingo said “It was enough to surrender to pain”.