Want to improve your marriage? You can. Even the best marriages can sometimes use a little boost, and the more that you work on your relationship, the better it’s going to get. If you’ve been struggling to make your marriage even stronger, there are 10 surefire ways you can grab your spouse’s attention and continue working toward a more stable relationship.

1. Show respect 

If your spouse doesn’t feel respected, chances are that he doesn’t feel loved, either. Ask yourself if you’ve been demonstrating respect in your marriage. If you haven’t, it might be time to start. Let your spouse know through your actions and responses that you value her opinions and beliefs within your relationship.

2. Value their feelings 

Opening up can be difficult. Becoming vulnerable and sharing feelings isn’t easy, so be sensitive and kind if your spouse chooses to share her feelings with you. Even if you don’t understand the way that he is feeling, respond with kindness and ask your spouse to help you understand.

3. Don’t discount emotions 

Some spouses are more emotional than others. Even if your spouse tends to be more sensitive than you, try to understand what he’s going through. Let your spouse know that you care about her and the emotions that she’s experiencing. You can show your spouse that you care by writing a love letter, spending some extra time with your partner, or simply letting your spouse vent while you listen quietly.