How many times have you been in a conversation with someone, and you couldn’t think of the right word to fully describe what you were thinking? Or how about being at a party where someone says a word you don’t know, so you just nod your head anyway and pretend to know what he’s talking about? Many of us want to be the “smart” guy in the room, but sometimes in order to appear to be the smart one, it only takes the placement of a few “smart sounding” words to get the respect of your peers. So in this article we’re going to give you a cheat sheet of 10 easy vocab words to make you sound smarter.

1.) Credence- Mental acceptance of something as real or true; belief.

Credence is a fancy word, and an easy one to remember. Unlike belief though, it’s not used in connection with faith, religion, or philosophy. It’s mainly used in reference to reports, rumors, and opinions. For example, reports of Bigfoot sightings lack credence because there’s no hard evidence, whereas rumors of a pending celebrity divorce gain credence when they’re seen fighting in public. 

Example: He scoffed and said that no one gives any credence to story that Bigfoot is real. 

2.) Mercurial- Having rapid and unpredictable changes in mood

Mercurial is a fun one because it’s great for gossip. Whenever someone gets really angry really fast, you can say they’re being mercurial. Think any episode of the Real Housewives. Someone who is mercurial has very little to no control over there emotions. They’re like a reed in the wind, blowing whichever way the current situation takes them. 

For example, “Vicky’s mood became so mercurial, we had to stop inviting her to dinner parties because the slightest thing would set her off”

3.) Disseminate- To spread widely as if by sowing seeds.

Disseminate, or dissemination means to spread something over a wide area. For example, news is disseminated very rapidly over the internet. A rumor in high school can get disseminated across the student body very quickly. The television has made it easy to disseminate public service announcements to millions of people.