We’ve gotten a lot of emails from moms lately wanting to know if we had any advice on how they could return to school and get a degree on a budget, without having to pay thousands of dollars per year in tuition fees. So we did a lot of research and came up with a pretty awesome find.

Basically, if you’re a mom, there’s a company called Scholarships for Moms that offers moms who want to return to school $10,000 scholarship in scholarship money! Let’s say that one more time, if you’re a mom, and you want to go back to school, this company is giving you the opportunity to win $10,000 (yes, that’s 4 zeros!) to pay for your education, JUST FOR BEING A MOM!

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking… what’s the catch. That’s what we thought too when we saw it, but honestly… there is none. There are thousands of companies every year that give away millions of dollars in scholarship money to different types of people. There’s even a scholarship for people with blue eyes! This one just happens to be a scholarship for moms. So if you are really looking to go back to school, and can’t afford the thousands in tuition, we recommend you apply for this scholarship. :)

Resources: Scholarship for Mom’s Application