Robert Downey Jr. – The dashing actor known for his roles as Tony Stark and Sherlock Holmes has had a troubled life, but his musical talent is definitely a match for his acting skills. He was a writer and singer for the album Ally McBeal: For Once in My Life, and he performed a duet with Sting during the episode. His version of Man Like Me is an excellent showcase of his voice talent, so keep your fingers crossed to hear him singing with the metallic voice of Iron Man.


Jared Leto – This young actor started his rock band 30 Seconds to Mars in 1998, forever cementing himself as a singer/actor. The titular song on his latest album “Hurricane” was given the Best Single Award at the Kerrang! Awards 2011, and it held 4th place on the UK Rock Singles chart.


Christian Kane – While his propensity for hitting people in the TNT show Leverage has given him a bad boy image, Christian Kane is not known for being a “bad boy”. His band’s 2010 album The House Rules reached 25 on the Billboard Country Albums chart, and the titular song ranked 54th on the Billboards Country Song chart. His voice is just Joe Cocker-esque enough to give it an authentic feel, but his range is surprising.