Whether you’re concerned about showing your age or simply want to look your best, taking good care of your body is an important part of showcasing your beauty. Unfortunately, many beauty remedies are incredibly costly or time consuming. You may find out about a great new remedy, only to discover that it won’t work for your budget or lifestyle. If you’re ready to start impressing the people around you with a younger appearance, there are a few cheap ways you can look your best.

1. Start Using Phytoceramides

Dr. Oz recently featured phytoceramides on his show claiming they will “drop a decade from your skin.” Phytoceramides are a plant derived lipid that are the equivilent of ceramides, the fat that keeps your skin tight and plump, which you tend to lose as you age resulting in wrinkles. When taken in the right amounts (usually pill form), phytoceramides will begin to absorb into your skin making it plumper and tighter again like when you were younger, which eliminates wrinkles and gives your skin the youthful appearance of being 10 years younger.

2. Drink more 

While you shouldn’t go out and overindulge in wine this weekend, you should make an effort to stay hydrated. Unfortunately, even the most well-meaning adults tend to forget how important basic hydration is when it comes to your skin’s appearance. The more water that you drink, the younger your skin will look. Water helps your skin retain its elasticity, which impacts your skin’s appearance and can reduce the visibility of wrinkles.

3. Get on the coconut oil bandwagon 

Chances are that you’ve heard of coconut oil. Maybe you’ve seen it on store shelves or you have friends who have raved about its benefits. What you might not know is that this age-old product is inexpensive and can be used for everything from brushing your teeth to cleaning your pores. In fact, many adults keep a jar of coconut in the bathroom to use as frizz serum on their hair and facial cleanser for their skin. You can even use coconut oil in lieu of traditional wrinkle cream for softer skin.

Examples of women who’ve used phytoceramides:


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