This sucks. You’re here because somewhere deep down, even if you don’t want to admit it, there’s a part of you that is afraid your man has cheated. And you’re totally justified in thinking that. The facts are scary. Men in who are in relationships for 3 years or more are 95% more likely to cheat than men who just entered a relationship. And the odds of them cheating only increase with every year that goes by.

Why is this? Because men are wired differently than women. Men aren’t wired for long term relationships, and as a result end up getting bored with the one they’re in around year 2. Does your man seem a little bored sometimes with your relationship yet? Has he started to get lazy? Does he still do the exciting things he did in your “honeymoon stage” or have you two lost that spark? If so… he may try to find it somewhere else.

Especially with the advent of technology these days… Smartphones, dating apps, private messaging, iphone apps just for cheating (yes, they exist). However, you can also use technology to your advantage. Using a reverse phone lookup to privately see who your man has been talking to behind your back can be done within 5 minutes, for less than it costs you for a cup of coffee

So if you’ve ever wondered “Has my man cheated?” you’re not alone. I was actually in a loving relationship for 14 years, and one day found an odd text from my husband’s co-worker “Steve.” After getting really worked up and jealous, I decided to find out for sure by doing a reverse phone lookup to see if “Steve” really was a “Steve.” However, it turned out that “Steve” was really his co-worker “Stephanie” that he’d been seeing for the past year behind my back. Ouch.

So if you’re worried your man isn’t being faithful, you’re not alone. And there are actually a few pretty cool things you can do to find out for sure

#1. Use a Reverse Phone Lookup- This one’s my favorite, because it’s what I used to catch my husband red handed. Basically all you have to do is enter the number into the phone lookup, and the website does the rest for you. This usually costs around $27, but I think this month they’re offering them for $1, so hurry and get yours before the price goes back up!

#2. Hire a Private Eye- This one will also work, but will take much more time, and end up costing you thousands of dollars in professional investigative fees. I’d only recommend this one to those of you with deep pockets and plenty of time.

#3. Have a Friend Tail Him- This one also works but can get messy involving friends or family in your personal melodrama. Also, you’d have to really trust the person to not say anything, and to tell you the truth.

Like I said, if you want to know for sure, the fastest and easiest way is a reverse phone lookup. But only use it if you truly want to see the results…