Adam Roberts, Financial corespondent

Adam Roberts, Financial corespondent

 Imagine you’re lounging in the shade of palm tree on a quite beach in the Caribbean or Hawaii with your family, sipping on Mai Tais, listening to the turquoise waves wash in and out of the white, soft sand beach. You have another 10 days left on your vacation, and you don’t have a care in the world.

Why? Because you’re financially free. How did you get here? The last couple of years you’ve been really smart with your money. So smart that you’ve been able to cut your bills in half, and increase your annual income, are now bringing in tens of thousands of dollars per year in extra money you’re now using to pad your bank account, and take your family on amazing vacations.

Simply, you’re at ease because your bank account is flush with cash thanks to decisions you made a couple years ago.

Now, bring yourself back to reality! Are you in debt? How much cash do you have in your bank account right now? What are your monthly expenses? Do you have any savings or are you living paycheck to paycheck? If you’re pissed about your current financial situation, feel blessed you’ve landed on this page, because I’m about to show you 4 things you can do NOW to increase your monthly cash-flow and reach financial freedom.

Strategy #1: You MUST Consolidate Any Debt You Have

The reason this is the #1 strategy is because you’re wasting thousands of dollars per year in interest payments by having your debt spread across multiple creditors. It also adds an unnecessary level of stress trying to manage them all.

Financial experts estimate you can save thousands per year in interest payments (and add years to your life) by consolidating your debt. Debt Company is the most popular debt consolidator. Once you consolidate your debt, come back to this article and finish the last 3 steps.

Strategy #2: Apply For Scholarship and Grant Money

This one is such a no-brainer, but 99% of the public doesn’t do it! Either they don’t know or don’t want to take the 3 minutes it takes to apply. There’re billions of dollars per year given away by companies and the government that goes unspent! All you have to do is apply for it and they will give you money. Companies get tax benefits and it makes them look good to give you money, and you get money you can use to pay off debts, start a business, pay bills, etc.

The two most popular scholarships are Scholarship Zone, and Another Offer

Once you’ve applied for these move on to step 3 & 4

Strategy #3: Start an Online Business For Side Income

Every year thousands of Americans are taking advantage of the internet to pad their work incomes. Their selling things on Ebay and Etsy, creating online stores, selling other people’s products for a commission (affiliate marketing), creating blogs and getting paid for advertisements. The opportunities for creating extra income online are limitless. So where do you start? There are a lot of programs online that will walk you through how to create a thriving online business that will make you an extra $50k/year. We recommend Coffee Shop Millionaire

Once you’ve signed up for an online business course, move on to step 4

Strategy #4: Cut Your Bills In Half

This seems pretty obvious, but how can you easily cut your bills in half? Here are a couple of quick tips on how to reduce your monthly bills.

1.) Reduce your mortgage payments with a Reverse Mortgage. You can literally save thousands of dollars per year whenever you sign up for a reverse mortgage. Right now mortgage rates are lower than they’ve ever been, so if you’re going to reduce you’re mortgage payments, now’s the time. Most people have found success with Reverse Mortgage

2.) Reduce monthly insurance costs. What kind of insurance do you have, and how much are you paying for it? Do you have health, auto, life, home? You can put hundreds of dollars per month back in your pocket if you adjust your plans. After researching a variety options, we’ve discovered these insurance providers offer the lowest rates:

Health Insurance

Auto Insurance

Life Insurance

Home Insurance

These 4 tips will help you reduce your annual payments by thousands of dollar per year, and get you on your way to financial freedom.