UPDATE: The deadline for these scholarships ends in 2 days, so hurry and apply before it’s too late!

Recent scholarship winner!

Recent scholarship winner!

Did you know there’s an astounding $46 billion dollars in FREE scholarship money given away each year to people who are savvy enough apply for it? Let me say that again, $46 BILLION in FREE money! Just given away to those who apply for it!

That’s $139 for every citizen in the United States! So why haven’t you gotten any of this money? Simple, because you haven’t applied for it yet! Keep reading, and I’ll show you how to get $10,000 in FREE scholarship money for yourself.

So why is there so much scholarship money given away each year?

If you haven’t noticed by now, our education system isn’t in the best shape. So the government gives tax breaks to companies who offer scholarship money to those who want to take courses to better their lives. So thousands of companies have set up thousands of scholarships.

These scholarships have certain monthly budgets of money they HAVE to give away. Let me say that again, the HAVE to get rid of this money in order to get the tax breaks. Often times they can’t give this money away because NO ONE APPLYS for it! Can you believe that? Thousands of dollars go unclaimed just because nobody took the time to fill out a simple online application! These companies are basically handing out free money!

So how do I get this scholarship money?

Simple. Apply for it. Now, without knowing where apply that’s easier said than done. Luckily for you, we’ve located the top 3 scholarships online right now where all you have to do is apply. And guess what… it’s FREE TO APPLY!

So what are you waiting for? Apply for these scholarships and claim your share of the $46 billion dollars of free money given away each year! (The following scholarships deadline’s end soon, so hurry and apply before it’s too late)!

1.) Scholarship For Moms- $10,000 Giveaway- APPLY HERE (STILL OPEN)

2.) Scholarship Zone- $10,000 Giveaway- DEADLINE OVER

3.) My College Degree Finder- Scholarship- $10,000 Giveaway- DEADLINE OVER