With love and relationships comes whirlwind romance and lust.  But what happens after the sun rises and light shines on your lover?  If you are someone who has fallen in love with the concept of love it is tricky to know if what you are feeling is love or lust.

Never fret, because these sure-fire tips will have you swooning all over again for that special someone.

1) Make Things Feel New Again.

If you’ve reached a lull or even a rut in your relationship, try something to spice it up.  Go on a vacation to ANYWHERE.  Getting out of the house and away from home gives a lighter tone to the relationship and adds spark.  Going on new adventures is a treat for your senses and will liven things up in the bedroom as well.  A new place to snuggle is a new place to love

2) Kiss, often.

During the “honeymoon” stage of any relationship, you’ll most likely find yourselves pawing each other and constantly making out.  If this lust towards each other has dwindled slightly, spark things back up with a light kiss on the lips.  Varying your kisses will add something different to your love life and make things interesting.