In every relationship there comes a time where one party (typically the man) begins to drift. You know what I mean. He suddenly doesn’t seem as interested in the relationship, he’s not investing the way he once was. If this is happening to you here are a few things you can do to win back the power and reignite that spark you had at the beginning of the relationship:

 1. Lean back

If you do most of the work at initiating calls and texts, you’re no longer giving him the chance to pursue you. If you want him to chase you again, you need to lean back and allow him to come to you. After all, men do enjoy chasing the woman they’re interested in; it’s exciting to them. If you take that away from him, he might lose interest. If you have become the chaser, he has no reason to pursue you anymore.

2. Have a life

Men are attracted to women who have lives of their own. If you’re always available when he contacts you, he might assume you don’t have a life. If he’s not pursuing you anymore, he simply might not find you that interesting. Get involved in your own hobbies and activities, so when he texts, you aren’t always sitting by the phone, and when you do talk, you’ll have stories to tell him about what you’ve done.

3. Be mysterious

If you divulge information about yourself a little at a time, the man you’re interested in will pursue you just to find out more. Don’t tell him everything about yourself during the first few conversations. Leave him wanting more. If you’re going to be hanging out with someone, be vague; don’t go into detail about how it’s a female friend from college and that you haven’t seen her in six months. Just tell him you’re going out with a friend. If he’s curious, he’ll ask for more details.

4. Always look your best

Looking your best doesn’t mean wearing lots of makeup or designer clothes; it means taking pride in your appearance. When you take pride in the way you look, you will be more confident, which is an attractive quality. Wear clothes you feel good in and practice good posture. Wear whatever makeup makes you feel most attractive, not what you think men like.

 5. Be confident

Confidence is probably one of the most attractive qualities a person can have. When you’re confident, you know you don’t need a man. You know if one man doesn’t want you, others will. You don’t have a fear of being alone. You know your strengths and your weaknesses, and you embrace them. This kind of attitude will draw people to you. If you’re not confident, you can learn how to act confident, and soon it will become part of who you are.

If a man is interested in you, he will pursue you. When you become less predictable, he will become more curious.Give him a reason to chase you, and let him do it.