Kate Dorsin, Relationship Expert

Kate Dorsin, Relationship Expert

Hey Girl!

Does your man have a smartphone? Did you know he’s 43% more likely to cheat than if he didn’t have access to one.

Why? Smartphones make it MUCH easier to get away with sexual texting than ever before, and makes it 10x easier flirt with other women and get away with it… without you ever knowing.

We’re not saying he’s cheating, but statistically speaking, he’s much more likely to. Men with smartphones are 5x more likely to cheat than men w/o smartphones.

Here are 5 Tell Tale Signs Your Man Is Cheating:

#1) He freaks when you reach for his phone: It may be something simple, like you picking up the phone for him and handing it to him when someone calls, but he reacts – with hands extended outward – as if you are carrying a precious jewel and about to drop it and he needs to take it from you quickly. Does this happen often? Ask yourself why if it does. It could mean something. 

#2) He keeps his cell on airplane mode: This is not a new technique by any means, but it basically means that any untimely pics/texts won’t pop up on the screen at a time of day when they would prove most compromising. He’ll turn airplane mode off when he’s indisposed again–when you can’t or won’t be around and prompted to ask to see those pics. 

#3) He seems to have the worst cell phone battery life on the entire planet: You have to admire how perfect this excuse is–who doesn’t complain about battery life shortage in a day and age of fancy-schmancy little portable computers we call cell phones? But somehow someway, his phone’s battery life seems extra worse. This, of course, makes him unavailable for lengthy periods of time, which is why, if it happens too often, it may be time for more investigation. 

#4) He takes an eternity to reply to texts: And if he’s obsessed with sexting fresh game, then he’s just too busy to reply to you. Delayed return-text times are a reality of living in a busy modern world, but what is also a reality is that if someone wants to find time for you, then it’s a commitment issue that is at the heart of the problem, and not so much a lack of time. 

#5) He takes his cell to the restroom: This may be in public or private. It may be at home where he grabs his cell and hits the crapper (carefully closing the door behind him and locking it) or you two might be at the mall or shopping where he develops the urge to go real, real bad. How many times has that happened? Well, when you have to go, you have to go, right? So off to the restroom he runs, but he doesn’t even so much as arrive by the time the cell is out of its case and he’s hurriedly pecking away. 

Just like with computers and tablets, people are very intimate with their cell phones. If things aren’t going right at home or, for some other reason, you are led to suspect that infidelity lies on the brink, there is a reason for that suspicion. Get to the bottom of it and get creative and find a way to check your man’s cell.