4.) Dairy Products

Dairy products can help whiten your teeth, as well. The reason being that they contain plenty of lactic acid, which is needed to protect your teeth from decay. For example, research has shown that children who regularly consume yogurt are less likely to have problems with tooth decay than those who don’t. Some studies have suggested that the proteins in yogurt actually bind to the tooth surfaces, protecting them from acids that can build up and cause cavities. Hard cheeses are also good at helping to remove stuck food particles. 

5.) Basil

The essential oils present in basil allow it to serve as a natural antibiotic, reducing harmful bacteria in the area of the mouth. You can actually make your own teeth-whitening cream by crushing up a tablespoon of basil leaves, into a fine powder. Add a bit of water to make a paste out of the mixture and use it daily to brush your teeth. 

6.) Garlic and Onions

Although these two have a reputation for some rather undesirable effects on a person’s breath, the sulfur compounds they contain are quite effective at killing the bacteria responsible for tooth decay. However, the trick is to eat them raw, since cooking will actually destroy these compounds and render them ineffective. 

7.) Sesame Seeds 

Sesame seeds work in a way that is similar to the crunchy veggies and fruits mentioned above, by scrubbing plaque off of the surfaces of your teeth. They’re also high in calcium, which is needed to strengthen your teeth.

Nature always has a way to accomplish many of the same tasks that we now use modern chemicals for. We can actually reduce our dependence on these expensive alternatives by taking another look at what goes into our diets. Foods that whiten teeth are a great replacement for some of the junk that can ruin your winning smile, in the first place. Besides, you probably eat some of these foods already and now that you know what else they can do, you’ve got another good reason to enjoy them.