Typically, books and articles on wealth creation tend to focus excessively on skills, attitudes, and habits a person must acquire before she can achieve her financial goals. And yet, we see it all too often that men and women with considerable skills, expertise, and enviable work ethic do not quite make the financial leap to wealthy category. 

What could possibly be stopping them from getting wealthy even when they appear endowed with considerable skills? The answer perhaps lies in certain habits that people acquire over time – habits that do not allow them to, subconsciously, imagine themselves ever being wealthy. In other words, habits that people must discard before they can get wealthy. 

In particular, the following 7 habits are the ones that you should always be on guard against.

1- Self pity: While it’s entirely normal to feel being hard done by sometimes, one must be on perpetual guard that this feeling does not turn into a second nature. Constantly feeling sorry for your circumstances, regardless of whether or not you are to blame for it, holds you back from giving full expression to the other side of your personality. When you wallow in self-pity, you do not allow yourself to be thankful for the things that you do have. Instead, you gradually let yourself be overcome by low self-esteem and quit being imaginative in putting your skills and resources to the best possible use. Being thankful and focusing on your strengths and passions lets you connect with people more readily as you feel valued from within. You feel worthy of offering something to others, be it any kind of help or commitment, and people reciprocate your gesture. You eventually set yourself up to live more freely, unburdened from the debilitating grip of self-pity.

 2- Resentment towards your work: Not enjoying your work suggests you do not take pride in your work. You simply cannot summon any semblance of passion inside you to give your best shot and excel. And not before long, you slip into the abyss of mediocrity. Eventually, people expect mediocrity from you and they slot you in this unfortunate category. This calls for action on your side, a decisive action to work out your interests and cultivate passion for it. Before you can excel at your work, the work has to get you excited. Absent that spark of excitement, mediocrity is what fills in the space.

3- Mistaking money for contentment: While wealthy people, by definition, are financially well off, their money is not the reason of their general well being and happiness. The corollary for people who want to be wealthy is that they must not wait for happiness to suddenly arrive at some indeterminate future when they get rich. It’s reasonable to want more money but not reasonable to expect happiness to come with it. You have to find happiness in the present, in this moment, in the now. Once you decouple money with happiness and start living contentedly in the present, you allow yourself to be more creative about your work and accomplish more. Your present joyful state of mind triggers a prosperous tomorrow.