As a mom, it’s easy to get tired and worn down with the unrelenting tasks every day. From sunrise to sundown, having to deal with kids, husbands, dogs, work, cook meals, do laundry, buy groceries etc., it’s no wonder this takes a toll on our appearance and makes us appear older than we are. And where do we show most of our age? In our eyes! So here are 10 easy tricks to make your eyes look more youthful so you can smile every time you look in the mirror.

Eat an iron rich diet. Lack of iron in your diet may be the reason your eyes have bags and dark circles under them. Iron helps transport oxygen throughout the body, and a lack of oxygen throughout the body makes women feel more fatigued, tired, run down, and as a result your skin takes a toll. Eating more iron rich foods like spinach, helps your body carry more oxygen throughout, giving you more energy, and getting rid of your under eye bags and circles. 

Use Eye Primer. When you put makeup directly onto your skin without priming it first, the makeup will settle into your wrinkles making them look more prominent. Put on an eye primer first, and you’ll be able to put make up on after and have it stay looking great!

Don’t overpluck your Eyebrows. When women get into their 40’s, 50’s and higher losing hair is a sign of aging. If you’re over 40 and you over pluck your eyebrows, it may give the appearance that you’re aging faster than you are. Shaping them instead is a better recommendation.