I‘ve been seeing ads online for the Nano Banshee personal safety alarm for about a year now. My friends on facebook have shared posts about it, saying how great it is and how loud it is. So I finally decided to try it out for myself.

It sounds like a great idea. A small, pocket sized keychain alarm that you can take with you anywhere you go, and activate as soon as you need help or are in danger. I love the idea.

Especially because statistics show the #1 thing to make criminals run the other way is the sound of an alarm. And because you can’t take your car alarm with you everywhere, this seems like a great solution (and it’s supposed to be louder than a car horn).

I first received my Banshee in the mail, and it came in very nice packaging. I could tell it was a quality product right off the bat.

When I took it out for the first time and tried it I was blown away at how loud it was! My neighbor even came over to ask if everything was alright. So my first thought was, if I really was being attacked this is the perfect solution. Because I ordered 2, I put one on my keychain and the other on my purse, because sometimes when I’m walking I put my keys away in my purse.

Photo Jan 19, 1 49 07 PM

They fit perfectly, and now I feel so secure and safe. If you are on the fence about getting one of these I highly recommend it. It only took 5 days to arrive in the mail, it’s high quality and durable, and I bought them for all the women in my family.


Worth the money! Go and get them and protect yourself! They’re fantastic and every woman should carry one of these!