Are You Bipolar? Here’s How To Tell

Are You Bipolar? Here’s How To Tell

A person with bipolar disorder experiences the best and worst of both worlds. Like two-face from Batman. It can be a psychological disorder that proceeds without warning.

Imagine being confronted by a person with the happiest personality and then suddenly, without any reason, she diminishes to a lower aura and starts to cry.

The extremes that are associated with someone who is bipolar are ranging from an attitude of recklessness to listlessness. This kind of instability of moods can become a serious problem that greatly affects the person who has the disorder and the people around her as well.

Other terms for this mind boggling disease are manic-depressive or manic-depression illness. Both extremes are experienced and exhibited by the person suffering from it.

Mood swings that are caused by this disorder can last for a couple of weeks or even months if not taken care of. This kind of behavior can cause massive disturbance to the lives of friends, family and whoever is close to the person.

According to researches, there is a major occurrence of this uncontrolled behavior across variety of symptoms and can affect almost everyone in the group.

Sadly, this disease is not diagnosed accordingly which is not very helpful and most often, people mistaken this kind of behavior as somewhat ordinary. Untreated, this attitude problem worsens and results to high tendencies of suicidal rates.

Although, if diagnosed and treated at an early stage, people who suffers from this disease can enjoy a life worth living.

What is the cause of bipolar disorder?

Nowadays, the exact cause of the mood disorder is unknown. Although there are beliefs that it can be connected within the family down from their bloodline.

Usually, people who are diagnosed with the disease tends to have a relative who also suffers from it as well or somewhat similar conditions. Modern science believes that other probable causes that can trigger someone to experience the disorder are:

Environmental effects. In some way, the person’s environment can take the blame for suffering the psychological disease. Factors may include severe problems with peers, family, and the like; other elaborates the stressful situations that are surrounding the person. A loss of a loved one can also be one of the environmental causes.

Chemical effects. Studies have shown the indications of chemicals within the body made the brain function differently. Significant changes may still be uncertain but in an eventual process, may help in pinpointing the causes. Hormonal imbalances and neurotransmitters are also being accepted as one of the chemical causes.

Based on statistical findings, there are about three million Americans who suffer from this psychological disorder. People who experience this illness will experience mood swings that are extreme joined with multiple behaviors and symptoms. Mood swings are oftentimes categorized as depressive episodes, manic episodes and mixed episodes.

9 Signs You May Be Bipolar:

If you exhibit any of these signs on a regular basis, you should consult a medical professional to get a professional diagnosis.

1. Extreme feeling of sadness or emptiness
2. Lack of needed energy
3.  Lack of interest in important things
4. Decreased concentration
5. Imaginary thoughts about suicide or dying
6. Elevation of extreme mood swings
7. Extreme anxiousness and irritability
8. Talking in a fast manner
9. Unusual energy increase with a reduced need to sleep

Mixed episode symptoms are basically the combination of the depressive and manic episode symptoms.

Bipolar disorder can be evident in teenagers although, there are studies showing cases prevalent in children and adults.

I believe anyone who is bi polar including myself is sensitive to over stimulation which can trigger a person to be symptomatic …..I believe it's an empathic thing,we gained in our evelutionary process..

I would think that your an asshole all of the time.

Christina Jones says:

This is a terrible article full of poor grammar and misinformation.

Well said Marvin. Articles like this really piss me off. What qualifies this person to be giving advice like this to people, it is as ridiculous and dangerous as if I decided to write an article about Cancer, and saying that you get it from cats, and you can treat it by eating apple seeds, all because I heard someone say that once. The amount of incorrect information here is huge, looks like she didn't even bother to read any Wikipedia articles to get an even halfway truthful understanding of the disorder. And if you read each paragraph closely, most of them don't even make sense!

Laura Xplora says:

You speak out of ignorance ,how can you have an opinion if you got know idea what your talking about

Justin Finch says:

Try living in the shoes of some one who is truely mentally Ill it's not as easy as simply growing up.

Amanda Brown says:

This sounds like my depression

Amanda Gore says:

My gosh, who wrote this article – clearly someone with English as a second language. "Nowadays, the exact cause of the mood disorder is unknown. Although there are beliefs that it can be connected within the family down from their bloodline."???

And everyone in existence has gone throih those exact mental states… are we all bi polar or are certain people more inclined to find and hold onto excuses.. same mentality as conspiracy theorists. Its a fantasy which feels apropriate to you through hypocondriatic state. Chin up, life is a rollercoaster of emotions for everyone. You may feel hard done by and want something to blame but usually its yourself. Trust me iv done very little in my life and go through episodes of depression and lethargia, exstatic and joyful just like every single person on the planet. Its a fantasy western ailment and lets be honedt we have it fucki g cushty in the western countries. Try living in the hardship of 3rd world countries, whrre bi polar pretty much does not exist. Anorexia, bulimia do not exist. They focus on doing what they have to. Not giving up and they aremt looking for blame. They are looking to live

Fay Dearnley says:

This article is complete garbage. U cannot describe a serious mental illness as an 'attitude problem.' It is also not a disease.

Gredina Merkens says:

If these changes happen rapidly, like 2 weeks up, 2 weeks down, You might not be bipolar!! You have very low thyroid. Get a blood test! replacement thyroid is an easy fix and no nuthouse. :)

Jane Stone says:

Don't judge people because they can't spell Maria!

You also have an inability to spell the word…depression.

Tobias Berg says:

Danny. I can understand ur point but im sure you do not understand the problem here. Being depressed or gloomy is not a choice. If you act on it and kill yourself is, atleast to some extent. But when even breathing feels hard when there is no reason it should, then it's not a fighting survival spirit to take it away. Everyone suffers depressions througohout life because if hardship. This is something different. ..

See, I'm an asshole at times BUT I take full responsibility!

life is not easy

Take some ownership in your life. So, you have been hurt or you act like a bitch…

deal with it.

You think Keanu has bi polar?
That hard mf lost his wife and best friend yet he kept on keeping on

You are deep in the matrix and you need to get out

I used to feel sorry for ppl like you but I quickly realized, your "condition" is what you cling to and no amount of common sense or lack of evidence for the biological existence of so called "bi polar will snap you out of your mode

You are all self entitled babies who have been manipulated by clever marketing and side tracking

I used to feel sorry for ppl like you but I quickly realized, your "condition" is what you cling to and no amount of common sense or lack of evidence for the biological existence of so called "bi polar"

psychiatry is a lie and will be removed from this beautiful earth

wake up!
grow up!
and stop supporting an industry that forcably harms millions of beautiful minds!

Val Lynam says:

This article is kinda bi-polar itself… all over the place, disjointed and hard to understand! It's a pity it was translated so badly as there are so many people suffering from bi-polar (myself included) and often without their friends and family knowing.

Rhia Small says:

Im bipolar

Anonymous says:

I use to think I was bi-polar and when I was diagnosed with gender identity disorder I thought oh crap that as well !!
However when I received full treatment for the dysphoria ALL the symptoms that I had that suggested Bi-polar disappeared.
It turns out that some of the symptoms of gender identity dydphoria are similar to Bi-polar symptoms. So you do need to see the right specialists in order to be sure.

I'm a manic depressive I don't "HAVE BIPOLAR" If you're really not that bright and didn't understand what I meant i AM bipolar 1. It's not the flu. It's so fucking confusing to people who don't know about it they think it's just mood shifting.
Most folk might go from happy to sad but if you're not a manic depressive you won't go happy (or sad) to insane to suicidally depressed. This kind of article almost glamorizes it "you get soooo happy and then reeeeaaal sad" like a fucking chick flick. Fuck that and fuck this article. I hear people throw it around all the time "oh it's raining the weather is so bipolar" "oh I'm bipolar I had a bad mood but now I'm happy again" "my feet are bipolar they swell in the summertime!"
What about the people who are psychotic? The people that go from bad to worse? They aren't fucking happy, alot of us can get racing thoughts and be in a bad mood. It's not all smiles and mania then cries you overdramatic bitch stop getting these retards thinking it's something that you would want to have. What about the crazy high suicide rate? And what about the fucking drugs they put us on? Fucking lithium? Abilify practically kills you it's so fucking bad for you

Mark Green says:

My brother was diagnosed with rapid cycling bipolar 8yrs ago and that, coupled with heavy drinking when he is manic,has alienated everyone except his closest family……even the health professionals have had enough.

Paula Davis says:

Most employers loathe this disorder.

Jade Fielding says:

I Have bipolar,so can related to each of these things,I can be very excitable things,am very irratable at having to be patient,I swing between insomnia and sleeping lots,when I'm having an "episode" I can become very lonely,distant and emotional over any little thing!However I am aware of my triggers therefore removing myself from the situation and calm myself down!I am a very social,popular person,bit sometimes I prefer to be alone and just do things on my own!Its not the end of the world having bipolar,after all God only gives things to those he knows can handle it…therefore making us unique haha!

Kerry Miller says:

Please though bipolar is a genuine problem it is wise to request a Thyroid test … there are alot of people diagnosed with forms of depression etc that never receive a thyroid test the symptoms caused can be mistaken for depression anc mental illness x

Casey Owen says:

i have depreshhon

Jenn Crawshaw says:

What a badly written, unhelpful and inaccurate portrayal of this illness- a waste of time to have written it and for those who took the time to read it!

Hazel Wilkins-Brookes says:

I am just as you describe have been since I was 15 now 72 and my life is still the same.

Claire Thomas says:

Its a strange and at times rather frightening illness to have tbh :( at times I feel like I can take on the world and my mind and imagination go into overdrive which can make me quite reckless especially with money :/then im hit by a overwhelming sense of despair and guilt that plunges me into the deepest darkest place you cld possibly imagine :(