Does your man have a smartphone? We’re not saying he’s cheating, but statistically speaking, he’s much more likely to. Men with smartphones are 5x more likely to cheat than men w/o smartphones. Why? Smartphones make it easy to cheat! Look at all the celebs who’ve cheated on their wives and girlfriends using just their cell phone!

A new survey found that out of 6,000 married men, 50% percent said they cheated in one way or another using their phones, because smart phones made it easier and more tempting. Don’t worry though. He may be using technology to cheat, but you can use technology to catch him red handed.

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Celebs who’ve Cheated Using a Phone:

“Like anything else that enhances our lives, technology is a double-edged sword.”

The demographic most likely to stray because of their smart phone use? Men ages 30-50, according to the site.

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