UPDATE: Due to hundreds of complaints by lawyers of Child Molester’s asking to have this article taken offline, we cannot guarantee it will be up for much longer.

You just came home, and your child runs to the door, shaking and crying. You ask what’s wrong, and she tells you she’s just been molested by a man on her way home from school… How could you have prevented this? If you had used the website called Kids Live Safe, you would have been able to see all the sex offenders in your area, and made plans for her to avoid them.

Guess what… according to this new site, there’s probably a child molester living in your neighborhood right now.

Child sexual abuse leaves emotional scars that last a lifetime. Traumatized children can grow into adults that have difficulty forming healthy intimate relationships. They may turn to alcohol or drugs to medicate themselves against the enduring psychological pain.

Although they’ll probably learn to cope in the best way they can, intrusive memories and low self-esteem can plague them for decades. As a parent, you want to protect your child from this kind of harm. Learning to recognize subtle signs that are common among sexual predators, you’ll be better able to protect your precious sons and daughters from these offenders.

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While exhibiting just one of these signs doesn’t indicate a person is a sexual predator, the presence of several should serve as a red flag. Using common sense and educating your child are the two most powerful tools you have when it comes to making sure your child is safe.

Predators lurk where they can most easily find their quarry. Children congregate at schools, in playgrounds, at public parks, and at community organizations for children, such as Sunday school, recreation centers, sports teams, game arcades, and youth events.  This means predators may be volunteers or employees at these organizations, or might live in close proximity to them. They may opt to spend their time around families with children, offering to baby-sit or playing video games with your child.

In these scenarios, you should be aware of any adults who seem to go “above and beyond” what most adults would do. For instance, you may have several friends who might agree to watch your child on occasion, but if one offers to watch your child regularly, without pay, when it would clearly require major adjustments to their own schedule, alarm bells should sound in your mind.

Predators are very likeable, too. The vast majority of sexual predators avoid force, so they rely upon grooming children to be pliable to their desires. That means they must first obtain a child’s affection and trust. These offenders seem to instinctively understand children and empathize with them to a high degree.

They may use gifts, shared activities, and kind words to achieve the child’s cooperation.

This can also hold true for male offenders’ attitudes toward women. Offenders seem to whole-heartedly agree that women are at a disadvantage in the workplace or that women are mistreated. Non-offenders are more likely to take a balanced stance or be biased for their own sex on such issues. This enables them to gain the mother’s cooperation in making her children accessible to him.