Karen Crandel, tells us how 1 site could have prevented her daughter from experiencing a traumatic event.

It started out as a normal Tuesday afternoon. I was cooking dinner and waiting for the kids to get home from school.

THEN, my 10 year old daughter burst through the front door in tears.

She ran into the kitchen, tears streaming down her face. She was shaking all over.

“Honey, what’s wrong?!” I yelled, “What happened?!”

She began to speak, barely able to get the words out of her mouth.

“The man. The man on the way home showed me his, his” she stuttered “his privates!”

I was in shock. A grown man had actually exposed himself to my 10 year old daughter while she was walking home from elementary school, and asked if she wanted to “touch it.”

I was furious. My “mama-bear” mode was ON, and I was ready to tear this man apart for traumatizing my cub.

After histerically calling the police and reporting him, we discovered he was actually a registered sex offender.

“What?! How is that possible?” I thought to myself. “We live in a safe community full of good people…”

As a mother, I became consumed with guilt.

“How could I have prevented this? It’s my job to keep my kids safe and I failed.”

I couldn’t sleep that night, so I went online and did some serious research.

I came across an AMAZING site- recommended by some highly respected TV hosts- that parents can use to look up all sex offenders in their area called Amber Child.

“Ugggh!” I thought, “Why didn’t I use this before!”

After signing up for Amber Child I discovered (to my anger and disgust) that the route my daughter was taking to walk home from school had over 10 registered sex offenders!

If I had only seen this before I could have picked her up, had her walk a different route, arranged a carpool, or anything else so she didn’t have walk down “pedophile blvd.”

I felt like awful, like I’d failed my daughter.

But now, I use Amber Child all the time. I can see EVERY sex offender in my community, and can now make sure my kids go no where near those houses.

My only regret as a mother is not finding Amber Child sooner and protecting my kids.

Because of that incident with my daughter, we’ve had to pay thousands of dollars for her therapy that could have been avoided had I seen the threat in the first place.

So, Mom to Mom, if you have kids that are young, you NEED to make sure they’re protected from sex offenders.

I highly recommend Amber Child because it not only tells you who the sex offenders are in your area, but it lets you see their criminal records, pictures, addresses.

It gives you everything you need to keep your kids safe and sound.

P.S., having your child become emotionally scarred because of something you could have avoided is NOT something you’ll want to live with, trust me.