What happens when you still love your ex and you feel like you could actually make the relationship work?  Are you just out of luck or is there something you can do to make him realize how good the two of you are together?  It’s easy to succumb to the disappointment and depression of heartbreak and wallow in your own misery, but that isn’t going to change anything about your situation.  It’s time for you to be strong and make a move!  If you want your ex back, you’re going to have to work for it.

1.) Avoid Contacting Him

Of course you miss him, but you also have to give him time to miss you.  Give him the opportunity to realize how boring and empty his life is without you.  How will he ever know how sad he is without your company if you keep calling and texting him every day?  This type of behavior also conveys desperation, something that no man finds attractive.  Keeping your distance for the time being will make more of an impact than any text message, e-mail or phone call ever could.

2.) Meditate on Why You Broke Up

There’s no quick-fix to a romantic relationship ending.  The breakup happened for a reason.  What is it?  Try to be objective when you contemplate the things that went wrong towards the end of your relationship.  Were you too demanding?  Were you so agreeable that the relationship got boring?  Find the fault within yourself and with him so that you can pinpoint where things went awry in your relationship.  Once you understand what was wrong, you can understand how to work on those problems.