Water makes up 60% of our bodies and is the most important component in most of our major organs. Your brain and heart are 73% water. Unlike dieting and exercise, drinking 2 quarts of water each day doesn’t take willpower; it just means forming a few easy new habits. Here’s a quick rundown on all the ways that drinking the right amount of  water will help your overall state of health and physical fitness:

Feel more awake in the morning

Everyone has mornings where the alarm goes off way before your body is ready to get up and get moving. Drinking a glass of cold water first thing in the morning forces your body to increase its metabolic rate in order to warm the water up. A higher metabolic rate is not only going to help you feel more alert, it will also improve your body’s calorie-burning efficiency and aid in weight loss.

Help your body deep-clean itself

When you exercise, your circulation increases and your body’s self-cleansing mechanisms are activated. Sweat expels waste products through the skin, the lymphatic system is draining out impurities from cells, and kidneys are flushing out toxins from your blood. All of these delicate self-cleaning routines are enhanced by drinking plenty of water before and after heavy exercise.

Protect your joints during exercise

The ligaments, tendons and muscles that operate together in your joints all need plenty of fluid in order to stay flexible and healthy. The synovial fluid that lubricates these structures is a “liquid connective tissue” that has the clear, stringy consistency of raw egg white. In order for your joints to maintain an adequate supply of this lubricating material, you have to drink plenty of water. If you suffer from stiff or painful joints, increasing the amount of water you drink may be a quick free remedy.


Don’t overdo it!

While adequate hydration is important, and you can help your overall fitness by drinking 8 cups of water each day, more is not better. People who take the “drink plenty of water” advice too far by over-consuming it actually run the risk of throwing their internal electrolyte balance off kilter. The outcome of this condition (called “hyponatremia”) is an increased risk of suffering from various diseases, so don’t fall for unprofessional advice that suggests multiple gallons of water each day. Moderation is the key here.

Drinking the right amount of fresh water each day will help all the subtle systems of your body to operate at maximum efficiency. It’s a free no-willpower-needed method of upgrading your basic level of health and fitness, so fill up that water bottle and keep it beside you throughout the day!