Do you ever feel like you’re not getting paid as much as you deserve? Or that your boss doesn’t recognize your contribution to the company? Do you ever wish you were making more than your co-workers?

Rejoice! Because we’re about to reveal to you our #1 way to increase your annual income by at least 35%. So, if you’re making $30,000/year, that’s an annual increase of $10,500! Could you use an extra $10,500/year? We know we could!

Here’s what your co-workers don’t want you to know:

Most companies give raises to people who have special skills or knowledge that their co-workers don’t have. This makes them more rare, and therefore in higher demand, which is why they get paid more than you. Chances are, if someone in your workplace is getting paid more than you, it’s because they know more than you do and therefore offer more value to the company.

So how do you increase your value to the company so they pay you more? Easy! Increase your skills and knowledge in an area that will benefit your company. For example, if you’re an Administrative Assistant, you’d want to gain knowledge in accounting so you can take on more responsibility with your company, and therefore offer more value that they’ll pay you for.

How do you get this special knowledge that will eventually lead to you making tens of thousands of more dollars per year in income? Take a certified class or program that will give you a certificate upon completion that you can show your boss as proof of your new skills that you’re now worth more than he/she is paying you. This will allow you to command a higher paycheck.

Where do I take these classes or programs to increase my value?

This is the best part… ONLINE! It’s so simple. Top websites like allow you to sign up for any and all classes and programs, and the best part is it won’t cost you piles of cash and months of your time to complete! With sites like, you can complete a program within weeks, print out your certificate, take it in to your boss and command that higher paycheck!

Viola! Now you’re making thousands of dollars more per year, and your co-workers will be in shock!