What is the best way to lose weight? Doctors, scientists and the general public are all seeking an answer to this million-dollar question. The general opinion of doctors is that it is best to lose weight slowly and steadily as part of a general lifestyle change. However, some people, especially morbidly obese patients who are preparing for weight loss surgery, need to rapidly lose weight for the sake of their health.

Fastest Ways To Lose Weight

The fastest way to lose weight is to improve both your diet and your exercise routine at the same time. Eating healthily will cut your calorie intake, but exercise can add an extra boost to your weight loss attempt by increasing the rate at which your body uses up the calories you do take in.

At first, you should aim to do at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. Depending on your fitness level, this could include brisk walking, swimming, jogging or running. Gradually increase the amount of exercise you do each week; over time you will find that your body gets stronger and you are able to keep exercising for longer.

Diet Plan to Lose Weight

Improving your diet is the other crucial step that you must take to reach your weight loss goal. You should aim to eat three small meals and 3 snacks each day. Eating regularly keeps your metabolism high so that you burn calories and fat at a faster rate.

Always eat breakfast before leaving the house in the morning. Your breakfast should consist of slow-release carbohydrates (wholegrain toast or oatmeal), protein in the form of low-fat dairy or an egg, and a piece of fruit. Avoid sugary cereals which will make your blood sugar spike and then crash.

Take a piece of fruit to work with you as a mid-morning snack. Snacking on fruit keeps hunger at bay, making you less likely to overindulge at your next meal. Other snacks that you could eat during the day include a small handful of unsalted nuts or a low-fat yogurt.

Many people feel tired and hungry in the afternoon because they do not eat enough protein at lunchtime. Protein digests more slowly than carbohydrates to keep you fuller for longer. Lean chicken and salmon are high-quality forms of protein, but avoid processed meats which are often high in fat.

Both your lunch and dinner should include plenty of green vegetables or salad. One great tip when developing a diet plan to lose weight is to fill at least half your plate with vegetables or salad – foods that are full of healthy vitamins and fiber but contain very few calories. Lean protein should take up another quarter of your plate, with just one quarter left over for carbohydrates such as brown rice, pasta or potatoes.

The fastest way to lose weight is to create a calorie deficit (the number of calories you use each day minus the number you eat) of at least 500 calories per day. Use an online calculator to work out how many calories you use each day and plan your portion sizes accordingly.

Best Way to Lose Weight

The best way to lose weight is to get support from other people who are going through the same weight loss process. Persuade friends or family members to subscribe to your new healthy lifestyle, or join an online weight loss community. Having a support network is essential for those times when you are finding your diet difficult to stick to. Your friends can inspire and motivate you to reach your goal of losing weight and gaining the body you always wanted.