Right now, it’s rumored that Rachel McAdams and Jake Gillenhal are secretly dating on the down low! Although he’s no Ryan Gosling, he’s definitely a close second. It appeared for a while that he may be dating Taylor Swift, but now it seems Rachel and Jake are getting hot and heavy. They’ve been witnessed together multiple times, and one report says “they looked like they are in love.”

This rumor hasn’t been confirmed yet, but it’s worth mentioning there are some credible sources to back it up. We here and Trendy Mom are happy for the new couple, and think they look fabulous. Although we’re a fan of the classic Notebook duo, Jake is definitely a winner in our book. We’re willing to bet they come out with their relationship to the public later this year.

This relationship could have sparked due to the fact the two are filming a movie together, and have gotten close on set. Usually when actors like them are working so closely to one another, there’s bound to be a spark that starts the attraction. Like we said above, although this isn’t confirmed, it’s likely that the power couple is dating. How happy are you for them? Are you going to see the movie they made, and do you think they’ll come out before their movie hits theaters to spark a marketing campaign around the film, as so many actors have done to promote their movies?

Tell us what you think below! Do you think these two make a great couple? Who would you like to see Rachel with, or who would you like to see Jake with?