10 Obvious Signs Your Partner Is Cheating On You

10 Obvious Signs Your Partner Is Cheating On You

8. He doesn’t touch you as much.

Sometimes affection drops off a bit due to poor communication, unresolved issues or a recent argument. If this is unexplained behavior or he is repelling you with odd excuses, you may have a hint. At minimum, you have an issue in your relationship that needs to be addressed honestly.

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9. He dresses differently. 

Has your spouse started to dress a little differently or does he keep his vehicle a bit cleaner? Has he been acting slightly happier and more cooperative, yet all of a sudden he is busier and just leaving the house more often? (e.g. going out more often with “friends,” running more errands, etc.) If so, take heed. Take interest in his new activity/involvement if you’re curious about what’s really going on.

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10. He’s gone longer.

Does your man usually take the dog out for a half hour run every day, but now it’s a 60-90 minute walk-run? Who is he running into all of a sudden at the dog park or in the neighborhood? If it’s not “chatty Kathy,” he may be having an affair. Go with him once in a while.

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No excuse to cheat on her. If she don't do it for u and moans and is a bitch then break up with her and go meet someone new

Aj Scott says:

Chris Tivener ….your cover page proves your maturity! Does not appear you have so many year's on you…certainly not much wisdom, not enough to be belittling others.

Steve Smith says:

Clue #1. They're happy…:)

David Heon says:

Pretty sure those are the same signs that your wife is cheating on you.

and i say dont get mad get even.

Katherine Laslo says:

Personally I say people should suck it up and deal with their unhappy relationships, hell I've been in a relationship with my common law husband for 5 years and only in the last 2 have I not been able to be satisfied and just give it up to him when he wants it. So ican ddo that then I can'tsee why others cant

Rebecca Ewer says:

My husband wouldn't be able to do twice, he'd love a sandwich but hates sports….what am I supposed to do?!?!

Matt Gibbs says:

You guys do realize the target audience for this is women right? The most likely reason a man would even click on this article is because he wants to make sure he's not doing what the article says because he's cheating and doesn't want her to suspect. Go ahead, point the finger back at me. Lol

Jannelle LovesPink says:

As we know both sexes cheat … Why ? Many reasons , but I think if you're going to cheat , think how you'd like to be single ? If you don't want to be … Don't cheat , we are suppose to be adults after all , not children!

Bryan Miller says:

Stop hating on Ben.. his comment was truthful funny, he's got a really cute lady.. his problem is though.. he likes mustangs.. even though he's in corvette country.. something went wrong in his upbringing… ;)

Bryan Miller says:

I'm sitting in a restaurant with my wife dying laughing at your comment.. while she has a scowl… too funny sir.

I love it when you know they are cheating, they display ALL the signs, and STILL think you're too dumb to put two and two together!!! To this day, still denial… pathetic. And I LOVE it when they turn things around and YOU'RE the crazy one! (I know most women are crazy checking their man's phone and pockets for no good reason, but I only do if I have good reason for suspicion) and when I looked, I ALWAYS found things. But apparently I was still to stupid and dumb to know he was full of bologna…. so he thought.

Noah Falkie says:

Lol , how beta can one guy be?

Mireille Diltz says:

I have to give the guys a yes too

Mireille Diltz says:

I have to give the guys a yes too

Dannie Lopez says:

I think this article goes both way not only for men.. Woman cheat as much or even more than a guy..

Michael Linsenman says:

No, no they don't.

Lol jokes pure and simple every body has a personal experience of this, the culprit being male or female, reading the comments just shows how people dwell on things. Cry a river,build a bridge and get the f#*k over it people

Shawn McNamara says:

so true, yes they are

Steve Gola says:

Women are just as guilty if not worse

It's obvious it's pretty even.. otherwise who are they cheating on you with? the mirror? hahaha so silly arguing over who does what when it takes 2 to tango. Unless you think all the guys cheated with the same women, or visa verse. So yes spouses is more correct :)

Evelyn Yu says:

100%. You can't let yourself go, become the negativity in his life, and not put out…and expect him to remain faithful. Granted, people cheat even in happy relationships (whole other story), but sex is very important. Keep it how it is, so he never has to say "how it used to be". ;)

Uche Anazodo says:

To avoid cheating couples must devout quality time for each other.And if possible make love everyday and i bet you neither the wife nor the husband will have the energy to cheat.

Catherine Bozinovski says:

<3 your style :)

Chris Collins Nah, it's not deleted. All Trendy Moms can still read this. What you write will ring on in their minds forever, inextricably associating you with Trendy Moms and related websites until the moment you die (and even then the priest will say at your funeral, "He was a noted fan of trendymom.net, as all of you know" and a warm-hearted chuckle will come from the entire congregation). Even if all this stuff is deleted now it's too late.

David Kerry says:

You Jaded sic prior to being a nothing tramp !

Woah, people are debating the actual content? I'm guessing no one came here as a mistake via The Onion. How about changing the title to "Generic Useless Article You Can Find Anywhere on The Web" rather than "Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating On You". You know whoever wrote this article was given a brief: do a chick piece on this topic. Then they shitted this out in five minutes.

Samantha Burrow says:

What a horrible article, wonder how many people are suddenly seeing these signs in their partner who could actually be totally innocent? And as for the commenter's, way too many people are pushing lack of sex into the equation, you know it is possible to just lose the emotional connection with your partner, some couples just simply drift apart, it's how they handle it that matters.

Maybe she'd put out more and chill if you lost the mo'.

Im usually very close n private with my phone spend a lot of time with it,i pay a lot of attention to my appearance ,i do come home late n very calm sometimes n i dont spend much time at home, i get annoyed n defensive when someone accuses me of something i didnt do, OMG does this mean im cheating?!? Im such a dick for cheating!? Ooh wait i dont reas into things. If ur husband or wife cheats on ya ,Means they werent happy, theyre loss someone elses Gain. LESS CHAT ,MORE SPLAT

Kathy King Terry says:


Glen Krieger says:

Um? How about a no good gold digging tramp. .. women are just as guilty as men . I watched a lot of buddies get screwed over ….ladies the trick to keeping your man faithful boils down to two very simple rules …As we the male species are simple by nature… rule #1 keep his stomach full …..
Rule #2 keep his balls empty….pretty simple. …

Jean Smith says:


Tim Goodwin says:

That was my ex wife to a tee! Always went into our guest bedroom and went in chat rooms and all! It wrecked a 27 yr. marriage!

Char Ghoston says:

Who wants to have sex with someone that blatantly lies in your face, takes their phone into the bathroom, comes home late so bitchy is better than blowing your cheating cowardly head off

Ok so if women have to do that… men get ready.. you have to spend @ least 30 minutes w her before she leaves and get her flowers once or twice a week… Then turn on the TV for her and cook her dinner… The list continues… just to make it even… your "suggedtion" is unreasonable. Period. .. for that u want a sex slave.

Maybe if he spent even HALF of the time on his WIFE as he does his mistress, maybe she'd want to have sex. …. One person can't always be the one to put in ALL the effort… it's give and take, not take & take!

John Rojan says:

There a solution to this article. Keep him happy in the kitchen, keep him happy by giving him a night out with the fellas, keep him happy by taking care of yourself ex. Going to the gym and most importantly keep him happy in the bedroom ex. No restrictions….. End of story end of problems and live a happy life….

Kerry it does 100% matter what the partner does in a relationship, by your logic, women are going to be nagging spiteful crying bitches no matter how faithful a guy is. Great thinking.
If you need to eat sleep and shit every day, and your partner doesn't let you or exhausts all your means to do what you need to survive, you will find food, sleep on your feet and shit in your pants.
Some people have sexual needs that are as regular as going to the toilet. In the beginning of a relationship a partner is fine with that and they think its funny, then 10 years go by and one wants to stop. WHO is the real unfaithful person? I think the cheater who stays in the relationship they committed to, shows more effort then the partner who committed and refused any physical and emotional empathy.
Look at sex like a debt a relationship has. Relationship = cost/ 1 sex per day.
Eventually one partner is able to pay the debt whenever the bill arrives. The other re-negs on the payment.
One partner finds another person to make sure the bill is paid, the other just keeps running up the debt.

So what im really saying is that the person who finds sex elsewhere isn't the cheater, the person who committed to a relationship with someone who needs sex often and withholds it, is the cheater.

Here! Here! lol, very well said, Mate!

if you love each other enough to take vow's the "sex" should be the icing on the cake,not the reason to stay with someone.Woman that are bitches are married to men like the jerk below,a man that expects a wifely duty no THANKS!

Adam Torrens says:

Sommer Lyn I think id actually throw up on someone if they ever tried that one on me.

Jill Bublitz says:

We both could write a book….

Chris Collins says:

Oh is that what it was.

Catherine Bozinovski says:

sorry about that … I forgot to uncheck the 'post to facebook' button. i'll delete this now :)

Kerry Beth Eyman says:

My appologies gor my lack of clarifying. Benjamin Hahn for seeming to bait people with his rather offensive statement.

Chris Collins says:

Yeah but I saw it and commented on your page, not on the blog.

Catherine Bozinovski says:

It's the blog the article is from Chris.

Chris Collins says:

What is this? "This comment will also be posted to http://www.trendymom.net.&quot; And I get no say in the matter?

Ryder Thacker says:

you gota keep your girl on a short leash

Ryder Thacker says:

hell yeh

Kerry Scott says:

Kerry eyman WHO you calling a troll

Kerry Scott says:

I agree woman can be cheats just didnt like the way he said stop being a bitch and maybe and if you had sex ,a relationship is about love and honersty not just sex

Chris Tivener says:

After reading this article…obviously written by smitten little kittens….I'll be the guy who says it………stfu and move on. If you don't trust him, that's your fault. If you treat a man poorly, for example…only nice when you need something or only have sex when you need new shoes or keep sex from him as punishment because he doesn't cow tail to you…..you are the problem. Say what you want to me. But I am not a miserable cheating man. I'm happy because my wife and I are honest and trust each other….we fight hard but we love harder. And she is my equal….not my object.

Jade Prior says:

Chris Tivener Did I hit a nerve?

Chris Tivener says:

Jade Prior…what would you know about relationships? You're a 21 year old girl with no real world experience. How about you stick to comic book characters and pretending to be a know it all….you ghoulish little troll.

Catherine Bozinovski says:

My ex-husband didn't do anything of these things yet he was cheating on me for our entire marriage. However, I have noticed these behaviors with men I've dated where I was unwittingly the 'other' woman until I worked it out for myself and got out quick smart.

Kerry Beth Eyman says:


Angelito B. Papa says:

Anyone have the capability to cheat his/her partner and.does not show any of the signs

Heidi Long says:

Amen!! I say that all the time, 2 to maje, and 2 to break…

Tommy Waters says:

Its not just men its women to….alot of women are always men this men that men don't do this I knw a lot of women who do the same things men do and I knw a lot of who can do the same thing women can do except for the nursing like breast feeding

Chris Dfu Willis says:

I display most of these, I'm definitely cheating. I'm just arsehole, but I'm working on it!

Gaby Willis says:

Who cares if your husband cheats on you find another guy and have sex in front of the husband and let's see if he likes that. I would if I was married and my husband cheated on me

Sam Bassett says:

I saw everyone of these signs and it was oh so true. You can also add that she is suspicious of you when you talk to your female friends or spend an hour or so with them.

Shane OBrien says:

Denna, is there something you are hiding? Do you want to come clean? Females can be scumbags too! I know that's hard for you to accept, but it is the truth. There are also many good people of both sexes, so don't make it seem like just the males are the pigs!

John Garrett says:

Couldnt hurt. Hey Kerry, same goes for women. They're just as shitty as men.

John Garrett says:

Yeah… 60% of men and at least 60% of women. Funny, ive known more wives that have cheated and/or actively tried to. Its easier for them. Men may entertain the idea, but we dont seem to act on it like women do. Go ahead and argue. A lot of women adopt this "men are garbage" point of view, while simultaneously needing one to support their lifestyles.

Deena Lantaigne says:

Yes it is always the man who cheats

Barbara Allen says:

There's more than one way to cheat on your partner and the physical cheating is just one method. You can betray your spouse in an emotional affair which is indicative of a distinct disconnect within your relationship. There's no such thing as a "perfect" relationship but maintaining respect and honesty with your partner are paramount. If you sense something is wrong or different within your relationship, don't address it by nagging or making accusations. Above all, take a good look Iook in the mirror and take in honest inventory of yourself and your behaviors. It takes two to make a relationship work and conversely two to break it.

Deyemi Adeusi says:


Jacqueline Marie Wilson says:

What a load of rubbish do u honestly think ud go off this article and believe everything that's written down..

Nickie Hopkins says:

Half of these actually describe military soldiers in a command slot.

Lorraine S Demichieli says:

I do know so many women that have cheated and their husbands beg for them to stay. It seems the worse they their husbands the more they want them!

Shane OBrien says:

Lorraine S Demichieli The point is that it's not just "men" who cheat. This article is demonizes men, when in fact it isn't just men who cheat. But, it's more about making women to be the poor victim, when in reality, ALL cheaters are scum.

Keith Walters says:

Amen Bryan. My ex was exactly the same as described in the article. Women are just as bad as men in cheating. Sadly.

Sommer Lyn says:

ha, 'cheating gene'…. that's a good way to not take responsibility for being a dirty

JR Robertson says:


Kerry Scott says:

What a load of crap you talk Benjamin hahn if a nans going to cheat it dos not matter what the woman dos

Jade Prior says:

I'm sure you have a very happy wife you horrible little man.

Mark Thompson says:

Blow your husband twice before he leaves the house, and tell him he'll get the same again when he comes home. He will never cheat on you…and probably never argue with you and do as he's told. Make him a sandwich and put the Sports.channel on to cement the deal.

Sandy Mahady says:

My ex did all of the above!! But his GF made sure I knew about her!! Lmao. He is with her today and I am just waiting on her turn! It will happen. As far as the no sex thing.. Sometimes it's the men that don't have that desire so men. Take a good long look. And lastly if a spouse that's going to cheat would put all that charm and energy into their current partner they just may rekindle a love and have less family breakups.

Lorraine S Demichieli says:

After 8 years divorced I was told things have really changed and I thought they had. If I didn't look I would have never known!

Karen Shibilski says:

Sorry to hear that Brian.

Shane OBrien says:

Typical. If you have to check "his" laptop, it there is no trust in a relationship, then you shouldn't be with "him/her" any way.

Shane OBrien says:

Typical. If you have to check "his" laptop, it there is no trust in a relationship, then you shouldn't be with "him/her" any way.

Paul Carter says:

what a load of tosh

King's Child says:

She does not have to be scorned to write the truth…an absolute truth for men & women…

Maybe if you had sex with him and were such s bitch he wouldn't cheat on you.

Bryan Schneider says:

It bought me back down memory lane. My estranged wife was doing all of these sings and a few more. Hmmm it's not just men who cheat.

Bryan Schneider says:

It bought me back down memory lane. My estranged wife was doing all of these sings and a few more. Hmmm it's not just men who cheat.

Lorraine S Demichieli says:

If your not one to normally check the history on his laptop I would suggest doing so!

Nancy Burleson says:

My husband does all these thigs but because hes on a golf course 6 days a week. Hes retired and lives for golf, dont think he's got the energy for another woman, they walk 18every day, and hes home passed out and tired by 5-6:00 every nite. Kinda shoots this theory out

Danielle Alley says:

Its not always the males. And not all these cases are true. Sometimes they could be hiding an email from you because it involves a party/gift for you. Sometimes they spend more time away from home because LIFE CAN BE BUSY. So many women LOOK for things to worry about. If you can't trust your partner then you shouldn't be with them

Adam Torrens says:

Cut paste for signs wife is cheating on you too really. Guess we more similar than we like to think. Although hereditary cheating gene? That's pretty questionable.

Alex Liddle says:

Well said, mate!

Who gives a fuck if he's gna do it he ain't cut gna ask

Iam Sam says:

trendymom must be a scorned bi@tch to come up with some garbage like this lol…it did make me laugh pretty hard though so thank you.

Philip Bowe says:

Fairly banal article. However I agree with Shane OBrien – cheating isn't exclusively male. My ex cheated on me then phoned me at work a year after she "asked" me to leave to blast me for going to a social engagement with someone else. Very nasty indeed.

Joyce Worley says:

i say if he is take and his bills and good luck to you.lol

Men washing more often.changing clothes.

Shane OBrien says:

How about changing the title to "Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating On You"? It's not always just the male in the relationship. I saw every one of these steps in my spouse, and guess what, I was right!