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Hey girl!

Do you use a razor to keep your skin smooth and hairless? Are you also on a budget? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could buy a $15 razor for only $0.99? Well, now you can! This might be the coolest thing we’ve seen in a while.

A new company called 99 Cent Razors has turned the women’s beauty market upside down by offering high quality women’s razors for only $0.99! In fact, their razors are so good even celebrities have started swapping out their “high end” razors for these onese.

“It’s not just about saving money, their razors actually work better and leave your skin feeling smoother than the leading razor brands.”

And that’s not the best part. You don’t even have to go and buy them at the store. They actually deliver them straight to your door! In fact, they’ve become so popular that people have even started posting about them all over instagram:


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