UPDATE: Because demand is so high for this product right now, they’re not available in stores anymore, however they’re still available online HERE

You’re in a movie theatre, enjoying a lovely night out with your family. You’re aware of the recent movie theatre shootings but think “this could never happen to me.” Then a man in a hoodie walks in and pulls out what looks like a gun… What do you do?

Hopefully this never happens to you… but you never know.

Now imagine you have a small, lightweight Military device that is so powerful it can blind an attacker for up to 90 seconds? Do you think using it in this situation would help you and your loved ones survive an otherwise tragic situation?

There have been WAY too many mass shootings in this country, and it doesn’t look like they’re stopping anytime soon. So why not arm yourself with this Military device- a G700 flashlight so bright the military wouldn’t release it to the public until now.

It may seem weird and farfetched, but a military flashlight might be the perfect solution.

I know what you’re thinking: “Are you kidding me? How can a flashlight stop another mass shooting?”

Well, a  new military flashlight, used by the United States Special Forces called the G700 has just been released to the public for “preventative use only.” In other words “this light is so bright please ONLY use it to protect yourself from all the crazies in the world.”

This flashlight is so bright, it can blind a bear! Let me say that again… It can blind a FREAKIN’ bear! It’s like holding a spotlight in the palm of your hand. 

So if you’re in a movie theatre and a psycho walks in with a gun, you can hit him in the face with 700 lumens of  blinding light so he can’t see, buying you and everyone else precious life saving seconds to act.

It will take an attacker 30-90 seconds to be able to fully regain sight

The G700 is also equipped with a tactical “strike bezel” that allows you to knock out the attacker with 1 hit.

Step 1: Blind Attacker Step 2: Strike them with flashlight head

Step 1: Blind Attacker
Step 2: Strike them with flashlight head

The best part is, it’s NON LETHAL, it’s used by our military, and it only costs you $56. So the ultimate question is:

Is $56 worth the future safety of you and your family? We think so.


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