If you’re looking to boost your libido or enhance the quality of your sex life, there are foods that can help. From fruits that heighten testosterone levels to sweet treats that can stimulate the production of endorphins, there is something for every couple. Here are ten of the very best suggestions.

1) Asparagus

While asparagus might not seem like a particularly sexy food, this healthy spring vegetable has been praised as an aphrodisiac since the 17th century. It is now speculated that asparagus consumption seems to increase the intensity of lust because it boosts histamine production by providing you with plenty of folic acid (and histamine is vital for orgasm). In addition, asparagus is wonderful for your overall health, influencing everything from kidney function to cardiovascular health.

2) Vanilla

The vanilla bean is a nerve stimulant, so consuming vanilla can make your skin more sensitive to your partner’s touch. Understandably, an increased enjoyment of sex can follow. If there was ever a perfect excuse to dive into a tub of vanilla ice cream, this is it!

3) Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate juice is perfect for boosting the libido of men and women alike. Studies have repeatedly shown that regular consumption of the juice can result in a remarkable rise in testosterone levels (with some study participants showing as much as a 30% increase), and higher levels of testosterone can lead to greater interest in sex. As a bonus, there is some evidence suggesting that pomegranate juice can improve circulation, which could make physical sensations more intense.