Kate Dorsin, Relationship Expert

Kate Dorsin

Hey Girl!

Does your man have a smartphone? If so, he’s 43% more likely to cheat than if he didn’t have access to one.

Why? Smartphones make it MUCH easier to get away with sexual texting than ever before, and makes it 10x easier flirt with other women and get away with it… without you ever knowing.

We’re not saying he’s cheating, but statistically speaking, he’s much more likely to. Men with smartphones are 5x more likely to cheat than men w/o smartphones.

A new survey found that out of 6,000 married men, 50% percent said they cheated in one way or another using their phones, because “smart phones made it easier to do it and easier to get away with it.”

“After she sent me the dirty picture, I could look at it, delete it, and my wife would never know”

So How Can I Tell If He’s Cheating On Me?


You can use a reverse phone lookup from your phone and see who he’s texting right now!

Finally, there’s a way to see who he’s texting. It’s called a reverse phone lookup. It will give you access to the identity of the person he’s secretly texting or calling.

reversephone_mobileSo you will no longer be in the dark, wondering if he is or isn’t cheating, having him make a fool of you. Finally you’ll have proof. You can use a reverse phone lookup to literally see who’s he’s been talking to behind your back in the next 5 minutes!

So if you’re serious about knowing the truth, and want to stop wondering, a reverse phone lookup will do the trick.

“Like anything else that enhances our lives, technology is a double-edged sword.”

The demographic most likely to stray because of their smart phone use? Men ages 30-50, according to the site.