Life is short and we should enjoy it while we can. However, this oftentimes is easier said than done, especially given the troubled world we live in today.

That’s why it’s important to use the following ten tips in our daily lives. It will help you have joy more often – even while facing one of life’s storms.

1. Picture yourself as happy. Consider this visual advice to be in the form of taking a mental vacation. Use this mental time to think of something that makes you happy: a favorite vacation spot, spending time with your family, etc.

Or, if there’s a future event that makes you excited, visualize it. For instance, if starting your own business, retiring, vacationing, spending more time with your family, etc. makes you smile endlessly, then go ahead and have a mental moment about it.

2. Accept yourself. When you feel negative about your weight, skin color, height, etc. it can damage your self-esteem tremendously. For starters, reject the media’s image of what’s beautiful and what’s not. Next, claim your own definition of what’s acceptably beautiful: you.